Our mission is to empower every person and every organization
on the planet to achieve more.


Any corporation or organization embarking on a business transformation journey is confronted by the challenges, complexities, and risks of change.

Business transformation is not business as usual. It requires :

  • A clear vision of what success looks like.
  • What needs to be done differently to achieve the envisaged success.
  • A deep understanding of the what, how, and when changes are required to achieve transformation success.
  • A change in leadership behaviours and values at all levels of the corporation or organization to both align and drive for the transformational objectives.

Today technology change is most often the critical lever of change to enable business transformation. SAP, by large and medium sized enterprise market share, is a dominant transformation enabling technology.

At Augmentis we intimately understanding the complexities, challenges, and risks of transformational change through our direct experiences and clients.

Our SAP Services are focussed on mitigating the risk of transformational change through our professionals extensive experience and expertise, and techniques and tools. We also understand that Business Transformation, especially SAP enabled Business Transformation, is not business as usual and that any organization embarking on this journey needs to acquire specialists skills and experiences to augment their organization to ensure the transformational success.

This why we focus our SAP Services Offering on:

Strategic Services
  SAP Enabled Transformation Strategy

  SAP Enabled Transformation Program Advisory

  SAP Program Project Management

  SAP Enabled Transformation Program Advisory

  Organization Change Management

  SAP Program Project Quality Assurance

  SAP Enabled Transformation Program Advisory

  SAP Program Project Recovery