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Here you can find everything you need to manage your recruitment business successfully. Yes - your recruitment business. If there is anything you need and you think others may benefit from it as well, then please send an email with your request to:

Where do I find opportunities?

A list of current opportunities at your level can be found at:

How do I "register" a candidate?

It is important to only register candidates that you are sure match the skills and requirements of the role.

If you are sure then you register a candidate by uploading the candidate's CV in the Augmentis CV Format.

How long does a candidate stay mine after registering them?

A candidate "belongs" to you (cannot be registered by another Augmentis recruiter for 60 days from the date that the candidate was registered by you).

Where can I download a sample of the Augmentis CV Format?

Augmentis Sample CV Format Download

A list of current opportunities for your level can be found at: