Dot Net Software Development

Quality and Integrity

The Ability to Scale

With a team of over sixty professionally certified .Net developers we can scale to meet the most complex projects that you may encounter. Our development managers each have over ten years experience of delivering .Net projects to enterprise organizations all over the world.

We provide staff on-site, off-site, and through hybrid  engagement models that maximize delivery capability while reducing risk through tight communication management.

Our Engagement Process

Client Engagement Managers and executives work with you to understand your business needs in terms of costs and timing. The important thing to note here is that we talk your language. We understand the importance of local knowledge and engage on that basis. We’re committed to the countries we operate in, Australia, Singapore and Thailand; engaging locally. We’re also committed to bringing you the best that ASEAN can offer in terms of quality and value, delivering globally.

A Software Development Manager and a System Analyst meet with you face-to-face to deepen our understanding of your functional requirements and identify the least risk and fastest path to a UAT (User Acceptance Tested) deliverable. The outcome of these meetings is a detailed plan to build.

A proposal and quotation are issued, highlighting the aspects of the project that need to be done on-site and those that can be done off-site. In with this proposal are our Change Management Processes and our Project Communication Mandate – typically a Project Status meeting is held weekly.


We deliver what we promise