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SAP Programs and projects are highly complex and challenging business transformation initiatives.
These complexities and challenges represent a significant investment and change risk to any corporation or organization embarking on this journey. Critical to the success of SAP Programs and Projects is:

  • Strong alignment and commitment from all levels of the organization to achieve the expected change and benefits. This, of course, relies upon an implementation approach that can effective help these stakeholders on the journey and understand and commit to what they need to do differently to achieve it’s objectives.
  • Establishment and execution of a comprehensive program or project that is:
    • Clearly defined and organized.
    • Expertly executed and controlled.
    • Based on tried and proven methods and tools.
    • Focussed on the targeted business changes and benefits.
  • Experienced and expert system and data integration project management that understands the technology and required techniques to ensure technology change success.

Our SAP Enabled Program & Project Management service is focused on providing:

  • A comprehensive Program & Project Management Office service that encompasses all of the experience and expertise required to effective manage your SAP Implementation(s).
  • Program Managers.
  • Project Managers.
  • Project Planning, Scheduling, and control.
  • Organization Change Management.

Our client engagement approach is to adopt a “work with” style of approach to ensure your organization has the required ownership and effective control of the program and project direction, with our experienced and expert support.


Corporations and Organizations embarking on SAP Programs & Projects usually have 3 options to consider when choosing the implementation services model:

  1. Engage a system integrator.
  2. Use internal capability.
  3. A hybrid of 1 and 2.

In any of the above cases Corporations and Organizations either experience gaps in the experience and expertise required, or find their Programs & Projects are becoming stressed and the probability of success diminishing.

Our SAP Enabled Transformation Program Advisory services are focussed on providing the experience and expert advice to either augment your existing teams or provide a third party perspective and recommendation, including a change in techniques and tools. These services are provided through our highly experienced and expert professionals who have decades of SAP Transformation and Program & Project Management experience with both large scale global programs and domestically focussed projects.


The success of any business transformation program is critically dependent on the effective embedment of changes that achieve the transformation objectives.Fundamental to effective embedment of these changes is for the people in your organization to embrace and drive towards the necessary changes, including how they take personal ownership in the change and the related benefits, and how they commit to changing their behaviours, skills, and knowledge.

Organization Change Management in SAP Programs & Projects focusses on developing the necessary strategies, plans, and activity execution to achieve effective embedment of the target changes. This is achieved through:

Applying tired and proven techniques and tools to understanding:

  • The key stakeholders of change in your organization.
  • Stating strategies through communication and change leadership development to enable their commitment to the change; “winning hearts and minds”.
  • Understanding the impacts of the changes on your current organization and developing learning and adjustment programs to transition skills, knowledge, and behaviours towards the target changes.
  • The targeted benefits of the change and creating accountability and tracking frameworks to drive towards expected benefits; “making the transformation real”.

Our Organization Change Management service focusses on providing the experienced and expert professionals to support the success of your transformation.